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Justin Holbrook is a communication designer with experience that spans print, web, video and audio production. He is a recent graduate of California College of the Arts and has spent the last two years working in San Francisco, first with the troublemakers at MINE™, where he began as an intern while completing his undergraduate design thesis, and most recently with the scrappy and food-truck-loving crew at VehicleSF. Justin currently works and resides in a tropical little place called Portland, OR.


At the end of the day (as well as the beginning and every moment in between), the whole point is to create work and tell stories that resonate with people; and to fail, succeed and learn along the way with a group of talented, interesting, and passionate folks.

The Daily Checklist

01Be honest and kind.
02Put in work.
03Break something.
04Learn something.
05Take no wooden nickels.