Selected Works of Justin P. Holbrook


Noble Fir

cinematography, typography, photography,
print, web

A feature-length indie film by an Oregon-born directing duo now based in Orange County, CA operating as Last Light Pictures. I was the film's cinematographer/camera operator on a jam-packed two and a half week shoot in Cottage Grove, Creswell, and Pleasant Hill, OR in late March-early April, 2012. I am also serving as an associate producer on the remainder of the film's production, as well as the designer for the film's title sequence, website, posters, cast/crew thank you cards, etc. This project is still very much in progress, with the film currently in post production. NOTE: I'm not able to show the above behind-the-scenes footage here at this time, but contact me if you'd like to see more.

footage and stills courtesy of Last Light Pictures